OOO "ATTUALE" is a progressive and rapidly developing ukrainian company, that providing in food segment. The company has own manufacture, and also produces different range of agricultures for import and export, relevant at Ukrainian market.
At that moment we are creating distribution network in Ukraine. The assortment price-list forms and we add new products every week. Full list of our products you can see at:
Our products are already represented in:, ATB, Velyka Kishenya, Tavria-V, Obzhora, Virtus, Kopiyka. Also have contracts with Metro, Novus, Varus, Eco-Market, Merezha-Service, Eurotech, Caravan, Ukrainian Retail.
We offer not a simple cooperation, we offer brand, in promotion of which we are ready to participate.
In the first stage is the visualization of the brand at streets (advertising on billboards, public transport).
Iinformation and advertising in social networks.
We participate in promotions from grocery to promote our product. These proposals are also linked with visualization of the brand and product information:, inside grocery network, and at the streets.
We propose motivation for the distributor's sales team – best seller, the best representation.
In the future we plan to hold promotions for retail, to improve secondary sales, improve display of product in shelf space and interest Your customers to purchase more.
And the most importantly, that budget allows national format television advertisment and promotion in Newspapers and magazines.
The production capacities allow to produce up to 36 000 pieces per day.
The constant availability of a wide range of products (more 70 SKU)

Terms of partnership:
Margin to 25%.
Deferred payment of up to 21 days
Shipping 2 times a month to the distributor's warehouse

Call for details: 067 484 85 04