About company

Attuale company's mission: to be actual.

Today, you can find a large number of food manufacturers on market, but only few strive to find ways and solutions, to bring you high quality, delicious and safe product, which you will want to buy again.

Products of our brand, you can find at all shopping networks and retail stores, and we try to expand the list: You must have comfortable access to delicious food.

Practical package

For comfort of our customers we have developed special packaging.

No need to break the package. Just open flap, so you can strew cereal through specially provided hole.

Then close the flap, so shape and water resistance, will be saved.

Our experts use unique knowledge, skills and experience for growing and selecting of our products.

We everyday improve enhancement the quality of rice, cereals and flour, using a professional understanding of needs and preferences of buyers.

Attuale specialists use advanced management methods and technologies, to provide ukrainian market and foreign countries with high quality product.

We develop reliable relationships with our partners and contribute for mutual growth.